Hit the Snooze in Savasana…. Stay a while

We’ve all been guilty of it- skipping on Savasana so we can get back to our busy lifestyles…. Sometimes the hardest part of the practice is to just close our eyes and relax! But for all you “busy” bodies… Did you know that Savasana holds the key to health and well-being? It just might be worth our time to hit the snooze button, so that we can reap the benefits of this ancient technique for deep relaxation.

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Most Satisfying foods to eat after Bikram Yoga: Papaya w/ lime & salt..

Cold, fresh, juicy papaya with lime & a dash of salt. Sounds weird? Trust me, this is strangely delicious... When I went to bikram yoga teacher training in Acapulco, I was fortunate enough to have sweet red mexican papaya after morning class everyday! The natural sugars from the papaya quench your thirst and the combination of the lime juice and salt make this fruit irresistible...So utterly satisfying, and it's an added bonus that the the lime and papaya are great for your digestive system.