Wear your Hot Yoga Clothes a ton of different ways!

Need to spice up your hot yoga clothes? Here are a few ways you can wear our tops in different ways- sometimes all it takes is a picture to get inspired. Check out the different ways you can adjust the tops- the possibilities are endless, so if you come up with a way we haven't posted, let us know!

Our personal favorite adjustment:

Check out the Tula top picture above. We have  found that this way is actually a much  more supportive way to wear this top- it holds your chest and grips the elastic band closer & more securely to your body. Not to mention it shows of your back more & looks a bit  more unique.

* Looping suggestion: To loop the straps on the Tula top, I find it is easiest to attach a safety pin to the end of the string & loop it through with it attached -(it makes it easier to loop). The Linda top has bigger loops so you wouldn't need a safety pin to loop through