Hit the Snooze in Savasana…. Stay a while

We’ve all been guilty of it- skipping on Savasana so we can get back to our busy lifestyles…. Sometimes the hardest part of the practice is to just close our eyes and relax! But for all you “busy” bodies… Did you know that Savasana holds the key to health and well-being? It just might be worth our time to hit the snooze button, so that we can reap the benefits of this ancient technique for deep relaxation.

Ahhhh... Savasana...
Ahhhh... Savasana...

Although your neighbor snoring next to you might lead you to believe that Savasana is for sleeping…. It’s actually a time to be ALERT!...Restfully alert that is- or passively aware if you will- of your physical, mental, and spiritual body. We call this: Yoga Nidra, or Yogic Sleep. It is a time to integrate all the wonderful benefits of the physical practice- and by resting for 5-10minutes, those benefits begin to soar to new heights!

Here’s a list of some incredible incentives for you to hit the “snooze”, and linger a bit longer on that mat….

•    Relaxing is both refreshing and rejuvenating! •    It brings body, mind, and spirit into balance •    Slows the heart and breath rate •    Improves Circulation •    Regulates Blood Pressure and lowers Cholesterol levels •    Strengthens immune system •    Reduces fatigue and Induces calmness of the mind •    Allows for the weight of gravity to re-set your body’s perfect alignment •    Allows the body time to heal and restore itself

The incentives are enticing, but what if this is still hard to do? Busy bodies have busy minds that are hard to turn off…. Good news is that you don’t need to turn off anything!

Soak in the benifits while in savasana...
Soak in the benifits while in savasana...

These tips will help redirect your mind and give it something to focus on….

  1. Gravity Scan- starting at your feet, slowly scan up your body and imagine each bone and muscle growing very heavy~ sinking into the earth.
  2. Mantra Repetition- Pick a word, sound or phrase and sync it with your breath (in your minds eye). Here’s an example: “My body is heavy, my mind is clear, my heart is at peace”
  3. “I-am” statements- you can use this time to integrate your intention from your practice… if you’re looking for more love in your life, try this one: “I-am love”.

*** Most important note, is to be gentle with yourself. Let go of any judgments and/or attachments to the result of your practice. Allow your Self the time to simply Be. Relaxed.