HOW TO: Tuladandasana (Balancing Stick Pose)

HOW TO: Tuladandasana (Balancing Stick Pose)

Tips n’ Tricks

  • It's all about the set up. Start strong, finish strong
  • Keep arms with head the WHOLE time (from set up to coming out)
  • Keep thighs contracted
  • Distribute weight evenly on standing balancing foot
  • Pull your stomach in, this will help keep safe alignment of your spine
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10 signs you need your yoga fix

Signs you need yoga
Signs you need yoga

1. You rationalize that Savasana is adequate yoga for the day.

2. You're feeling irritated, impatient cranky, or moody.

3. You're suffering from back pains, menstrual cramps, headaches, or arthritis.

4. The last time you considered doing downward dog was in the bedroom.

5. You're having trouble sleeping and you feel exhausted during the day.

6. You keep hearing "yoga girl" in your head.

7. It's swimsuit season.

8. You still have that Groupon for a Bikram package and it's about to expire.

9. Your digestive cycle  is irregular.

10. You actually feel sad for the cute Mika outfit in your drawer

Yukari Miwa Visits the West Coast

International Yoga Asana Champion 2011

Yukari Miwa is no stranger to Mika Yoga Wear, but her recent world wide tour has finally brought her back to California for the International Yoga Asana Championship 2012. For those who don't know, Yukari is the female International Yoga Asana Champion for 2011, a bikram yoga teacher, product development adviser with Quick Silver Japan, and all around awesome person!

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Inspiration: Expression through Pole & Bikram Yoga

We are happy to share an inspirational woman, Holly Miely! Holly, a Mika Yoga Wear-er, has rediscovered what beauty and power for women really means. Having noticed that every day roles can tend to bind and constrain women, Holly discovered the importance and necessity for women to feel feminine, and beautiful. While maintaining busy schedules and obligations, she believes we can and should all feel sexy, strong and confident. All it takes is some self expression through the power of the pole and deep stretching with Bikram Yoga.

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The Bikram Trainee Experience First Hand | Let's See What it Takes!

A while back Mika's founder wrote a  blog post  about her 1st week of being at the Bikram Yoga Teacher Training. Today, we are lucky enough to have Annie share her journey to becoming a Bikram Teacher!Over the next 9 weeks, Annie will be blogging about her training experience.Meet Annie!

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