The Beauty of Sunsets


If you know any of us who work at Mika, or follow us on Instagram, you will quickly discover that we love the beauty of the sunset. Like practicing yoga, watching a sunset can provide an overwhelming sense of gratitude, grace and peace.

There seems to be something about the sunset that brings you to the present moment. It allows you to embrace the beauty that is in the here and the now. No matter how hard you try to capture or remember a sunset, it is never the same as it was in that present moment.

This past week, we had the unique opportunity to capture the sunset from multiple destinations around the world. While I was in Florida watching the sunset, Mika's owner, Laura and coworker, Danae were capturing the sunrise in Bali. It was a great experience to discuss the amazing transition of the sun that we rarely reflect on. It's humbling to know that as the sun sets in one place, it rises in another.

I heard this quote a few months back and in many ways, it has become a great life motto and mantra that I try to live by.

There's a sunrise and a sunset everyday. You can choose to be there for it, or you can let yourself get in the way.

During this summer, we're teaming up to see how many sunset we can capture. Join in the Mika Sunset fun by sending us your pics or #mikasunsets on Instagram.