DIY: Dream Board


With all of the distractions that we're faced with every day, it's easy to lose sight of what matters most. To regain focus, align your goals, and have a little fun, follow this simple guide to create a DIY Dream Board, the perfect craft for any age. Dream boards are fantastic tools to get inspired and focused on what you truly want in your life!  By placing a visual representation to your heart’s desires, you are reminded of where you want to focus your energy.The more you envision your dreams, goals, and intentions, the more they become present in your reality.

Do not be afraid to dream BIG and see what happens!


      >> S T E P S  << 

Step One: Take some time to tune into what you are seeking to cultivate in life. It can be anything!

For example: more love, travel, peace, healthy living, magic, knowledge etc.

Step Two: Grab some magazines, catalogues, pictures and start snipping! Cut out pictures that you feel symbolize what you are looking to materialize in your life.

Step Three: Position and glue the pictures in whatever way feels right.

Step Four: Using a paint brush, paint a thin layer of Mod Podge to seal your Dream Board.

Step Five: Place your Dream Board somewhere you will see it everyday and watch as your dreams become reality! ✺

Have fun getting creative and make sure to tag #mikayogawear in your posts to show us your own DIY Dream Boards!