Mika's March Mandalas


Have you ever had one of those days where all you need is to zen out, but for one reason or another yoga isn’t an option? Well, mandalas provide another great way  to find the serenity that you need.

Loosely translated, mandala is sanskrit for “circle”. It has a concentric circle with repeating designs. These beautiful and simple works of art offer beneficial balancing visual elements, which symbolize harmony and unity.


This great meditation process allows your creative mind to sky-rocket, while the analytical mind that we’ve been using all day takes a cat nap. 

Like yoga, before starting a mandala it is suggested that you set an intention - give it some sort of personal meaning that you can carry throughout the process. This can provide clarity on life’s journey and can lead you to higher consciousness of the present moment that you're creating. 

These pieces of art are also considered a symbol for the universe. I mean, think about it - you may not realize it, but we are surrounded by mandalas everyday. 

For example, an orange sliced down the middle. It starts in the middle and expands towards the peel in concentric and repeating patterns. 

So, where do you go after you’ve set your intention?

Begin in the middle of your workspace (paper, canvas, grass etc.). draw a circle or dot to remind you where your center is.


Now, allow the chatter in your mind to come to a halt. Stop thinking about what “needs” to be done, and simply be absorbed by your intention.

From the center, begin creating repetitive designs/doodles to create your first layer. Keep in mind that these designs do not need to be eccentric or complicated. You can simply use basic shapes. Just begin with whatever pattern comes to you.

Then... you simply continue with layers and layers of concentric and repetitive designs until you feel that you’ve achieved or gained clarity of your intention.

Take your time with the creation of your mandala. They can take hours, weeks or months to complete, but with each passing moment, you’ll begin to realize the clarity that is unfolding before you.


We challenge you to take a whack at it. I promise you, once you begin, you will start feel the meditative benefits and once you are absorbed by it, you will begin to understand life’s beautiful journey. 

If you take this to heart, or have ever created a mandala yourself, we want to see it! Send us your pics or #mikasmarchmandala on your social media sites!