DIY Dia De Los Muertos Makeup

Get eerily bendy
Get eerily bendy

Here at Mika we can't hide our Halloween Passion... Dressing up, getting creative, playing with Make-up + throwing in some yoga in the mix? Yes please. My hunch is that we are not alone here & you like it too. I do understand that costuming or makeup can be overwhelming so hopefully this little How-to can help!

For me, when I see a picture of something, that totally helps conceptualize the idea & makes it way easier to try. For my inspirational picture I used this picture I found on Pinterest. Came out totally different, but seeing this picture made me think, hey, I can do that. So if you are up for it & still need a Halloween idea- check out my version of how to get your Day of the Dead on. (Just fyi- actual Day of the Dead is Nov 2. &  you can check out a bit more information about the Festival here)



1. Good brushes. This is KEY. To make the fun swirls and details, having some different angled brushes helps a ton. I used a flat make up brush & an actual paint brush for the detailing.

2. White & Black Face makeup. Use either your finger or a sponge to spread the white base on.

3. Fluidline by Mac. I have sensitive eyes so made sure to use this on the areas close to my eyes. Bonus- it stays on super well.

4. Sparkles! Here at Mika we normally use the extra sparkly Swarovski Crystals, but for your face- save some mula & know  the cheap ones will work just as good! I used eyelash glue to stick them on. Place the sparkles directly over the outside edges of your black circles to outline the shape. You can also embellish the ends of the swirls with them too. Get fancy.

5. Black Eyeliner for the water lid. To keep the lids & eye area as black as possible, use a good eyeliner to pencil in the water lid.

6. More sparkle dust- place wherever you want to add more sparkle too (neckline, chest, body)

Finish the Look with Flowers:


What to Wear:

Now is the time to add your own flare & twist, but here is the list of goods I threw together:

  • Floral Scarf
  • Rosary
  • Tights
  • Black Dress
  • Lace
  • Arm Cuffs & or Gloves
  • Bangles

Whatever you may be today, hope you have fun creating it! Happy Halloween!