Monday Mantra: Morning, glory!

mantra 4
mantra 4

aweβ€’some- [aw-suh m]

"Inspiring an overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration, or fear; causing or inducing awe."

There are many ways to be awesome: beautiful, fearsome, inspiring, and my personal favorite, formidable. Wake up, and be formidable in everything you do; do everything with a fervent passion, because when you do, your heart, mind and soul will be at peace.

I wanted to put the backdrop of this mantra as the imposing Morning Glory flowers. If you have them growing in your yard, you know exactly how imposing they are; but a better example couldn't be illustrated. Morning Glory's are known to be invasive, stubborn, formidable (for anything they wrap their tendrils around), yet astonighingly beautiful. Not surprinsinly they are called Morning Glory because they are the most bright and glorious in the mornings. Have you seen these in full bloom, with the morning due coating their soft, velvety petals? Though they are daunting for your garden, you must admit, they are strikingly beautiful. And no matter how many times you cut them from your yard, threaten them, stomp them, yell at them, they (very quickly) grow back. They are one of the most formidable and awesome flowers!

So, when you wake up in the morning, look in mirror and tell yourself "Morning, glory." Be as formidable as this flower, and as beautiful as it's bloom. JUST. BE. AWESOME.