How To: Urdhva Kukkutasana


Tips & Tricks

  • While in Tri-pod head stand:  Make sure to protect your neck, it's very important that your weight be on your shoulders, the back of your head, and your arms- not the neck
  • Once you're in Padmasana, draw your knees up to the ceiling. You should feel your hip flexors  get a nice stretch here.
  • Folding your Lotus: Ground through your hands & slowly with control draw your legs in Lotus toward your torso and aim your knees toward your armpits.
  • Once here, draw your shoulder blades down your back, gather your confidence & SLOWLY lift your head from the floor, pushing through your base to straighten through your arms.
  • Carefully extend your spine by  rolling your weight upward & forward
  • Straighten your arms/elbows as much as you can and keep a tight lotus.
  • This pose requires a being completely present! Listening to you body & trusting in your body are required.