Destination: Big Sur

Big Sur Collage
Big Sur Collage

Destination: Big Sur, California “The perfect blend of Northern and Southern California Coast”

I recently had the itch to run away from home. Big Sur is one of my favorite places on earth, and only a 2 hour drive from where I live. It has a magic, power, and prana like no other. I am a solitary individual who has a career and hobbies that involve regularly meeting new people, public speaking, facilitating support groups, and energetically hootin’ and hollerin’ while dancing my butt off. Thus, solo getaways are essential to me.

I started my journey early Sunday morning, getting to Big Sur with just enough time to enjoy brunch at my favorite little Hobbit sanctuary, Deetjen’s Big Sur Inn. Every party had a 45 minute wait, but as I was traveling alone, was able to get a seat at the bar immediately. One of the many perks. I ordered two breakfasts. Sometimes it’s just too hard to pick one, am I right or am I right?! I also knew I was going on an eight mile hike for the rest of the day and did not plan to stop for lunch. The blueberry pancake was the size of my head, and yes, I ate the whole thing. After breakfast I went to Julia Pfeiffer Burns State park. It has some of my favorite lookout points and a great bluff/canyon trail hike. I adventured here most of the day, before finding a spot to rest for the night. I watched the sunset into the creeping fog and spent the rest of the evening in silence, enjoying a good book and introspection. The next morning was spent sitting with coffee and watching the fog sweep in amongst the trees and the mountains. The fog clung to the coast, and I watched as a large ocean swell brewed.  I felt renewed when I made it back home in time to teach my Zumba class. This short getaway was just what I needed.

Traveling solo has led to many rewarding relationships, happenstances, and self-growth. However, it’s important to be smart as a solo traveler:

  •  Do your research:  Even though I had hiked some of the trails before, I refreshed myself with the topographies to  orient myself.
  •  Always have a “Plan B”: Sometimes you have to make a call that something either doesn’t feel right, or circumstances  out of your control (e.g. flight cancellation) come up. It’s easier to change your plans if you have already given yourself another option, exit strategy, and set your expectations to recognize that any and all things are subject to change.
  •  Trust your instincts: Always.
  •  Be prepared: In my hiking pack were clothing layers (good thing Mika Wear packs up small), a hearty trail mix, knife, plenty of water, sunscreen, and phone.
  • Lastly, learn how to use the 10 second timer on your camera.

Happy trails and may your journey’s be blessed Mika readers.