Yukari Miwa | The International Yoga Asana Champion Joins the Mika Team!

Yukari Miwa
Yukari Miwa

Mika Yoga Wear is honored to be able to sponsor Yukari Miwa, the 2011 Interntional Yoga Asana Champion. Yukari is not only an amazing yogi but also a world traveler and teacher. Check out her bio below:

Who is Yukari Miwa?

Growing up, I practiced rhythmic gymnastics for about ten years. I then graduated from Tokyo Women’s College of Physical Education with a degree of health and physical education and teaching credential, which I used to teach dance at the technical college.

To learn about yoga and Pilates, I moved to Los Angeles, where I found Bikram Yoga. I fell in love and graduated from the 2006 Spring Teacher Training. After I graduated the Teacher Training, I moved back to Japan and have been teaching Bikram Yoga in Japan ever since. During this time I also acquired an instruction qualification for snorkeling & scuba diving.

In 2007, I participated in the International Yoga Asana Championship for the first time as a representative of Japan and placed 4th. I continued to compete throughout 2008 and 2009 and in 2010, I placed 3rd at semi-finals and 4th at the final. In 2011, I was honored to place 1st at the International Yoga Asana Championship.


Despite it being a competition of yoga, I have never competed against a person. To me, yoga is to face one's self. I want to express it in my own way on the stage. The purpose is to convey the splendor of yoga.

Aside from teaching Bikram Yoga, I am a yoga product development adviser for Quicksiver Roxy Japan. I also support them as a professional fitness staffer at Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. I teach Pilates at the university as well as at the corporations. I have been featured in magazines, radio, TV programs, and TV commercials. Currently, I am sponsored by Mika Yoga Wear, Kulae Yoga, and Pilates Products.

After winning the 2011 International Yoga Asana Championship, I traveled all around the United States to increase awareness of the USA Yoga Federation and promote participation in Regional Yoga Asana championships. From the beginning of 2012, I started my world tour in Australia, followed by New Zealand. Now I am planning to go to Europe and Asia in the spring.

In January 2012, I appeared in NHK TV and talked about the International Yoga Asana Championship, did the demonstration, and talked about Bikram Yoga. It was shown worldwide by TV Japan. Hopefully I can inspire others to participate in yoga as well. Thank you!

Check out a video of Yukari at the Yoga Championship

More information about Yukari Miwa can be found at the links below:

Yukari's Website: http://www.yukariptus.com


Interview: http://yokapro.com/course/pc/specialinfo/20090401/bikram_1.html

Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/yukarimiwa.yoga

Making our Mikaelas & Tula top look fierce in a beautiful Dancer Pose
Making our Mikaelas & Tula top look fierce in a beautiful Dancer Pose