#FashionRevolution --> Who Makes Your Clothes?

Have you ever wondered who makes your clothes?

Here at Mika we are PROUD to show you who makes your clothes this #FashionRevolution week. We truly value each of the members of our Mika team who help bring the line to life & do so with such passion & skill. 

Why Do we think it's important to share?

  • Because we believe the people that make our clothes deserve to be celebrated.
  • Because we believe transparency is a beautiful thing & want you to know we care about ensuring that our work environment is friendly & safe for all.
  • Because if you choose to wear MIKA, we value your connection between the artisans, makers & designers.
  • Because we want you to know that it was made with heart. And LOVED clothes LAST. :)

Meet the Makers of Mika!

These shots are taken in our own independent factory in Peru. Our network also includes independent artists in Colorado, California & manufacturing in Brazil.  Our sister Janine Costa, who oversees this factory took these beautiful shots.

Now for a few stories...

Meet ROXI! Roxi is our lead supervisor and INCREDIBLE at working on new product development and design. She has worked with us from the start of the line (2009!). Her work ethic sets such a great example to others. Anytime we need anything, she is THERE. On top of this, she has a heart of GOLD & lends a ear whenever anyone needs it.  We are blessed to have this creative woman on our team!

Meet MÓNICA! Here are 5 fun things to know about this MikaChica:

  1. Her favorite music is Rock & Salsa 
  2. She loves working for Mika because she likes how she is treated in the company 
  3. She's got moves & loves dancing
  4. When our sister Janine teaches yoga at the factory, she loves partaking in the class & before that, had never tried yoga before 
  5.  She has brilliant taste in color coordinating & pays awesome attention to detail

What are ways we practice Fair Fashion?

  • Mika is ethically produced & practices fair trade
  • We participate in the Green Initiative & are Certified Carbon Neutral
  • Swim Collection is Eco-friendly & 100% Biodegradable
  • Packaging is now biodegradable & made from recycled materials
  • Mika believes in using the best raw materials, labor practices, and production procedures.
  • All employees are treated with respect and tolerance, and the company employs no one under the age of 18.
  • At our manufacturing site, Mika pays its employees above industry standard, offers vacation days & abides by the high standards set by the Ministry of Labor in South America.

"We believe in a fashion industry that values people, the environment, creativity and profit in equal measure" -Fashion Revolution

Thank you @fash_rev for promoting us to SHARE that we CARE that the fashion industry is fair, safe & beautiful for all!