DIY: Summer Boho Tie Dye

Summer brings the best outdoor concerts, yoga festivals, music festivals and all things fun in the sun. Here’s a super simple way that you can customize your closet with Mika’s Cotton Collection and bring a unique vibe to your personal wardrobe.


Step 1: On a flat surface, lay out your item from Mika's Cotton Collection.

Step 2: With a fork or simply with your fingers, begin to twirl the item into a swirl. Do your best to keep the wrinkles in the item even.

Step 3: Once you’re finished with the first swirl, use rubber bands to keep it tight and to hold its shape.

Step 4: Continue making swirls until the item has no blank spaces. 


Step 5: Put on your gloves and fill your Tie Dye bottles to the fill line.

Step 6: Squirt the dye to completely cover the item. Keep in mind that the colors will mix, so be sure that you keep your color chart in mind and only blend colors that you will want.


Step 7: Once your item is completely covered in dye, place it directly into a ziplock bag and let sit for 12+ hours. The longer you let the dye absorb into the fabric, the brighter the end result will be.

Step 8: After your item sits for multiple hours, use gloves and cut off all rubber bands. Note- do this step over the sink or outside because the dye might spray.


Step 9: Rinse your item out with cold water until it is completely covered in water

Step 10: Wash your item separately on “Heavy/Large Load” and on the hottest setting of your washer. Use a little bit of laundry detergent.

Step 11: Dry normal


Note: Wash your dyed items separately for the first 2-3 washes to be sure that the colors will not effect your other clothing.

Try it out and #MikaYogaWear with your creation.