Hi. My name is RUBY & I am from ARUBA. My mom & dad told me that we are going to start donating to SGT. PEPPERS FRIENDS. You see, I AM a Sgt. Pepper FRIEND! Pretty cool huh? Anywho, my ma thought it would be nice if I shared my story  & a little bit more about what my friends at Sgt. Pepper's do so here I go.

My birthday is coming up in August & whoa what a year it's been.  It may not seem like it from the picture above but actually, I had a hard start into this crazy world. You see when I was a baby, I didn't have a home & was very sicky. One day, my sister & I were brought to this not so nice place & were were placed in this area with SO many other dogs. Later that day, these 2 really sweet girls rescued  me & my sister & took us out of that not so nice place. They gave me a hugs, a bath, yummy food & shelter. My foster ma, Inge nurtured me back to life. I guess I was REALLY sick so I'm so glad Inge gave me the love & care I needed to get better.

I lived with my foster ma for sometime until ONE day she told me it was time to travel to my new home in CALIFORNIA. I guess my ma saw a picture of me on INSTAGRAM & fell in love. I mean can you blame her? I kid I kid, LOL. Inge told me my new home would be by the ocean & that I would be able to play in the sand so this made me happy. The day before I left to my new home I got to go to a PARTY & guess what? There was a CAKE & a really pretty sweet lady named Rachel  (I heard people call her YOGA GIRL) & she let me climb on her & eat it FIRST. I guess this picture ended up going in a magazine because one day my ma was at Wholefoods & said she saw me when she was at the checkout line. That was a fun day.  I REALLY want some cake now.

So the next morning I had to say bye to my foster mommy which was really hard because she was SO nice to me & made me feel incredibly loved. This nice lady named Diana took me on something called a PLANE. I guess we were in the AIR next to the fluffy clouds & we flew all the way to CALIFORNIA where I met my mom Laura. She drove us to my new home & since it was super late, it was bedtime. They got me this TINY bed & thought I was going to sleep in that little thing that night. LOL. They quickly realized that I am 1.) a princess & 2.) a QUEEN when it comes to any bed, couch or lounge area & a QUEEN needs her throne. I nestled close to my mama's heart & fell asleep. When I woke up my new life began & although it took me a few days to get comfortable, I quickly started to realize that my new home was pretty loving too. And guess what? My parents work from home so I get to hang out with them like ALL day. They say I make them really really happy & well, that makes me happy. All I really want is LOVE, cuddles, yummy food, walks, oh & FLUFFY stuff. I LOVE fluffy stuff SO SO much.

I hope that you guys read this & get to know a little bit about what happens when you rescue one of us from Sgt. Pepper's Friends. They are a really nice team & I am grateful that it exists because there are so many of my brother's & sister's that can use help! If you are considering becoming parents to a furkid someday, I truly hope you think about adopting. Thank you for reading my story! 

Now here's a little bit more information about SGT. PEPPER'S FRIENDS:

Sgt. Pepper’s Friends is a non-profit animal rescue organization founded and located in Aruba. Dogs and cats are available for adoption in the United States, Canada, Aruba, the Netherlands and Sweden as of now. 

The number of neglected, homeless, abandoned, sick and hungry dogs and cats wandering the streets is truly disturbing. Through donations and the hard work of their volunteers and adoptive families, they are able to rescue many animals in need.

The goal of the foundation is to find the most suitable family for each individual dog or cat.  They also promote spaying and neutering programs, plan to build their own shelter and are working together with other rescues and organizations within and outside of Aruba.

Social media is the main resource for finding loving homes for our rescues – please follow them on Instagram @sgtpeppersfriends and on Facebook! Here you will find updates on their rescues and animal inspiration every day.

To learn more about the adoption process, click here.

Ok but WHO is SGT. PEPPER you ask??? Read HIS Story & the reason why Sgt. Pepper's Friends began!