The Inspiration Behind our NEW Colors!

color inspiration

You know that feeling when you buy a souvenir from a special trip & whenever you wear it or see it, it brings back happy memories of that time? Well, that's what this collection of colors is all about! Colors are very powerful & have the ability to stir up the spirit up so when it's time to choose new Mika colors, we draw inspiration from things that bring up a feeling. Sure we research color forecasts & trends, but in the end tend to pick colors that have a CONNECTION with something greater. It has a more powerful meaning that way right?! 

This selection of colors is especially meaningful as we drew inspiration from hues we've connected with over our travels. So... here's an inside look into where each hue came!

Fire Opal

This fire red hue was chosen during our last trip to Peru! I was craving a unique red to bring to Mika & when I saw this hue, it just felt right. Bright, electric, fun... much like the energy of Peru. The name however was chosen over a few glasses of vino by our sister (& photographer) Janine!


Fresh squeezed citrus juice is the norm in both Peru & Spain. I don't know why it isn't like this in the U.S. because boxed juice doesn't hold a flame to the real deal. Inspired by fresh breakfast mornings spent in Peru & Barcelona. Cheers to keeping it fresh.


Inspiration found during a Kauai trip last fall. While my man was out surfing, I went out exploring & stumbled upon an adorable bikini house shop. I bought a super cute paisley print kini & although it had only touches of green in it, it was enough to make me fall in love with this seaweed hue.


Where do I start... Well, I guess I can begin by explaining that Uluwatu is a beach on the island of Bali. My husband & I exchanged our vows very close to this beautiful water 6 years ago. The water surrounding the island is deep, rich, powerful, ever changing & beautiful. I like to think our love is a bit like that- just add a few storms (ok, ok, maybe a small tsunami), waves, high & low tides & it's pretty much spot on. 


The sand in the Mentawais is like nothing I've ever seen in real life. Straight up postcard level. The picture explains more than I could ever describe here.