20 Questions with: FALLON LEV!

Photo by  @minaretphoto

Photo by @minaretphoto

Meet @FallonLev! Yoga teacher, acro yoga performer, retreat leader, PUP LOVER, Model & all around SWEETHEART. I've had the pleasure of getting to know this babe the past couple years & let me tell you, every time spent with Fallon is a GOOD time. She shares her passion for life by expressing her love for everything special to her & well, it's CONTAGIOUS. 

"Friends and community are everything. Lean on them, ask for what you need, use your resources, and allowing yourself to receive whatever it is that you need. All things with love."

Keep reading to learn more about this passionate fun loving woman!

1. First off, where are you originally from? 

I’m originally from Boston, Mass. I’m an East Coaster at heart. I’m very drawn/captivated by any and all sarcasm, and I’m a huge fan of the east coast sense of humor. For whatever reason, I definitely do not have a Boston accent, and I’m not mad.

2. Where do you currently live?

 I’ve lived in OB for the past 10 years. You can catch me at the Lazy Hummingbird, The Nest, or Bo beaus. Also, dog beach.

3. We know you are leading an amazing retreat this Spring! (& are beyond stoked to be going to as well!) Tell us more!

Ok, in a nutshell? Tacos, yoga, organic eats, sunshine, whale sharks, gorgeous empty beaches, acro yoga, culture and friendship. Also, viva la mexico. Plus, you get to meet my mom… @skygirlgoddess

photography by: @steviethegirl

Mama LEV! Awe that is so sweet & can't wait to meet her! P.S why am I not surprised her profile pic is with her grand dog.

4. What do you think will make this retreat extra unique??? 

Well, so far the tribe is a collection of some of my favorite human beings. There’s magic in it being my first one, my baby boom!

5. If someone has never been to a retreat, what advice do you have to someone thinking about going to one? 

My advice would be to just go for it. Find an escape from routine, your daily activity/stresses. Also, do it because it feels good, and you probably deserve it.

6. What is a typical day like for you? 

Typical day for me means coffee, snuggling my dog until I’m late for wherever I need to be, teach a few yoga classes, maybe some acro, probably a walk on the cliffs with a friend and Jimmy, more cuddling, a nap, rooftop jacuzzi sunset sesh, dinner with my boyfriend, and bed by 10pm. Typical.

7. Favorite items in your home? 

My dog and my bed and my jewelry tree.

8. When did you know you wanted to be a yoga teacher? 

Well, it actually just sorta happened for me. I didn’t know. I did know I wanted to go to Costa Rica, and taking a teacher training gave me purpose/incentive to travel. But I knew for sure after teaching my first class at Yoga Six. I felt like I was born to do it, all my favorite things at once. Music, dance, breathing, sweat, energy, fluidity, community, creation, body language, words, and belly shirts.

9. What do you love most about teaching? 

The people, the students and the community. There is just so much love being spread and shared in yoga. Am i right?

10. What inspires you? 

Well my playlist inspires my teaching, and so do my students. You have no idea how much it means to me every time you just show up :) I’m inspired daily by my friends, conversations that I have, things that I read, places that I travel.

11. We see you and your man are quite the acro couple! What’s the most challenging part of working together? 

Oh boy, it’s pretty hard actually. Communication is such a key aspect in a healthy Acro partnership/relationship. We struggle, and we do a lot of learning. Listening helps too :)

photography by: @minaretphoto

12. What’s the best part? 

We love performing together. I somehow managed to score the best base in San Diego (I don’t even think I’m being biased…. @jordothegreat is pretty damn great at what he does) Performing at Burning Man is probably our favorite. It’s such a gift to be able to share our passion and i love the way it is received by strangers, friends and family. Sharing it on Instagram is fun for me as well :)

13. Do you have any advice for people just beginning in the acro/partner yoga world? 

Yes, find someone who loves it as much as you do and then do it as often as possible. Workshops are great for beginners. Jams are fun and free…and outside!

14. What is playing on your spotify these days?

 I take a lot of pride in my music, it’s def one of my favorite parts of teaching….making epic playlists. These days tho.. Love is a Bitch by Two Feet, everything MC Yogi, RY X, Odessa and OM by Hippie Sabotage. You can follow me on there too :)

15. Tell us about about the OTHER man in you life. (We’d love if you’d share a pic of him as well) 

Are you kidding me? Can I please just make a whole album? Jimmy Fallon is the love of my life. He’s taught me so many things, and especially how to love wholeheartedly. I don’t even know where to start. He’s perfectly sweet, and ridiculously adorable. I think he was born to be a model. I am yet to meet a human who doesn’t love his soul. He is not cat or skateboard friendly. And he’s a larger than normal lap dog who loves to be massaged. (also, our goal is to get on the Jimmy Fallon Show)

16. How would you describe your style? 

I wear all the things that make me feel good in the moment. I never really understood the question “what are you wearing tonight?” I literally put on what makes me feel good and confident, and yes 9 out of 10 times, that means my belly is out. I’ve been wearing crop tops since the 90’s. Also, anything with fringe or sparkles. I love boots, and fur coats. Living in SD is hard for me sometimes.

17. Live anywhere in the world… where would that be? 

Well, I love San Diego, Byron Bay but my heart belongs to Cape Cod.

18. Your greatest dream? 

I’m pretty sure I’m living’ it :)

19. Yeah... pretty sure you are too! One thing you wish every woman would take home as far as body image goes? 

Own it. All of it.

20. Chasing your dreams and believing that you can do ANYTHING… What does it take?

 Confidence, trust, a willingness to fail, the desire to keep going. The support and love from my Mom has always helped as well :) Friends and community are everything. Lean on them, ask for what you need, use your resources, and allowing yourself to receive whatever it is that you need. All things with love.