Create a caption & be entered to win this Eve inspired Halloween look... WINNER ANNOUNCED!

Still don't know what to be for Halloween.....??We wanted to make a little something special for Halloween this year & came up with this Eve inspired costume. We hope someone in need for a special Halloween look will enjoy sporting this custom made outfit. All you have to do to enter to win is create a caption on our Blog- sorry Facebook posts will not count. We'll choose our favorite & the winner will receive this enchanting & one of a kind outfit! Deadline to enter: Thursday, October 20th 10pm.

Goddess Eve inspired costume includes:

  • Goddess Mikaela Short
  • Eve inspired Goddess Tula top
  • Leaf sash
  • Leaf wrist bracelet
  • Leaf arm band
  • Hair Leaflet- sparkled out
  • Willow lash extensions

Caption time: Please reply below to our blog a caption for this picture:

Caption this
Caption this

All you need to create this sultry glowing look are a few basics. Apply a bronzer to your cheeks, dust in an iridescent highlighter above the cheeks & on the inside of your eyes (basically anywhere you want to glow more). For the eyes pick various shades of green & gold & don't be afraid to go smokey. To finish off the look choose a creamy nude lip.

Go Red...
Apple not included
Apple not included

Alright everyone, good luck! Can't wait to hear what you have to say....

1 Winner will be announced Friday the 21st & we  will ship out this crafty ensemble that day to ensure you get it in time for the festivities! Due to various shipping times in different countries International ladies can vote but we cannot guarantee it will arrive to you by the 31st of October.

Times up!

Ok.. this wasn't easy... Sadly we could only pick 1 winner to send our Eve outfit to but couldn't resist pointing out a few of our favs. Thank you to everyone for participating- this was a lot of fun! We will definitely be doing more of these in the future.  Also, if your feeling a little creative, order a Goddess colored top & bottom & create the look yourself! It just takes a little patience, creativity & sparkle.  Happy Halloween!!!

Winner! # 56 Apple, apple, in my hand…who ever listens to a naked man??Congratulations "Sarah Says" for creating this clever caption! We thought it was not only witty but empowering & humorous as well! Well done & we sure hope you enjoy being Eve for a night....Send us pictures! We'd love to see:)

Runner Up: #43: Before computers, women were tempted by real apples.

Honorable mentions...

Made us LOL: #32 Adam’s going to be so mad, hopefully this outfit will help me talk my way out of it!

Most Witty: #16 Looking at her reflection in the polished apple, Eve wondered if Adam would even notice her new outfit she’d just made. ”At least I’m the only woman here” she thought happily.

Most Clever: #17 Asana and Eve

Most Inspiring: #41 To taste the fruit you have to go out on a limb.

Most Poetic: #26  Apple spiced colors for the fall leaves in a pumpkin kissed season.  Aromas filled with cider bites from Eve’s kiss trace the vines of one’s heart.

Cutest: #3 No, I'm not the girl from the cover of Twilight.

Most Frank: #23 Bite Me

Most Sexy: #12 To eat of the fruit of temptation… or to be the fruit of temptation?

Most Girl Power: #38 When God finished the creation of Adam, He stepped back, scratched his head, and said, “I can do better than that!”

Best Bikram Reference: #63 Dear Bikram, Thank you for making me as tempting as the forbidden fruit!