"Wore Mika for the first time today! Wow.. I looked damn good.." What others are saying about Mika Yoga Wear...

Thank you supporters of Mika Yoga Wear! We wanted to share a few  emails we have been receiving- straight from our inbox to here, see what hot yoginis, pole fitness ladies & studio owners are saying... Even Bikram himself notices you in your Mika Wear! Check out what he said to a fellow Bikram yogini at the Advanced seminar: "I've been showin' off my Mika wear all week! Boss told me I was " sexy"!!!!"

"I received my order last week....I love both shorts!! Thank you sooooo much! All three pieces are so comfy. I really noticed that I feel much cooler in your fabric than when I wear my "hot yoga" shorts and bra from Lucy. The periwinkle is so pretty--your clothes helped add a little sizzle to my 30-day challenge! 25 classes down--5 to go! Thanks!

I will be in Belize at a Yoga retreat center doing yoga on the beach in 90 degree heat and high humidity--so glad I have my Mika Wear!"

-Sue, Bikram Yogini, CA

"Received my Lucia shorts today thanks so much!! Ladies these are the most comfortable, flattering shorts I've ever worn. Great pole shorts!! I want them in every color!! :)" -Valerie/Pole Fitness

"Just want to let you know that I LOVE my Mikaela shorts!!! I like to film myself while I pole and am horrified when I see that I spend half the routine adjusting my shorts. Nothing ruins a beautiful pole dance routine more   than stopping to pick fabric out of your butt....I've had a few days to try out the new Mikaela shorts and I have to say that I did not have to stop once to "adjust" myself. No camel toes, no wedgies, no accidentally crotch exposure, no muffin top. I'm absolutely in love!!!! These are by far the most functional, flattering, high quality and fashionable pole shorts that I have ever owned. I can tell that a lot of thought was put into the design and construction. Can't wait to try the rest of the line. Thanks! "-Pheon/Pole Fitness

"Lots of people asking me about Mika at my studio. They love all my stuff!!!"

-Laura Rose/Bikram Yoga practitioner

"I got my shorts yesterday in the mail and wore them to pole class. They are incredible! I LOVE them.

Also, everyone in class wants a pair. So I'm sending them your way."

-Stephanie/Pole fitness

"I received the shorts yesterday...sooooo cute!!! I love them, thank you so much! I will definitely be using them all in upcoming videos! I think our clients will love them as well!"

-Amber Richard/ Dancer/Pole Fitness Instructor/2009 USPDF West Coast Champion

"We are really enjoying your clothes.  The fabric does well with sweat, it seems to shape really well when wet. Also, I really enjoy your design.  I think both your tank and sports bra have a perfect amount of skin showing without being too revealing. I've sold most of the short shorts I ordered and all of the bras."

- Beth/Owner

"I've had them out for a couple of days now and have already sold about half of them. I also wore a pair of the sophia shorts and the tie bras. I love them. So does everybody else."


"Wore Mika for the first time today! Wow.. I looked damn good.." -Nicole/Owner