What to Bring to Bikram Yoga

So you are ready to try Bikram/Hot Yoga and not sure how to prepare? You are in for an experience you will never forget! I'm sure you know it's hot & but just so you know- you'll be sweating more than you'd ever think is possible. Here are few things to keep in mind so you can come as well prepared as possible.

  • Come Well-Hydrated and on an Empty Stomach. Make sure that you are hydrated before class. It is best to avoid too much water during the actual class. Too much water consumption will sit in your belly sloshing around and can actually make you feel worse than you think. Also, make sure you do not eat at least  2-3 hours before. Everybody is different, so you may find you are able to eat something light like a banana or a few crackers,  but for your first few classes, see how your body responds to the heat and then take it from there.
  • Bring a Mat, 2 Towels and Water. (1 towel to put over the mat & 1 to dry off after class)
  • Bring Clothes you can Sweat in! You need to be able to wear clothes that you feel comfortable in while getting your sweat on. As you will find out, you will be forced to stare at yourself in the mirror for about 90 minutes, so feel good in your yoga gear and make sure you can see your body to connect with it while practicing the asanas. Here are few examples of  what to wear:
  • Bring an Open Mind. Your goal for your 1st class is to stay in the room. Do as much as you can, listen closely to your instructor, and listen to what is going on in your body. Now it is time to practice your patience! Be able to forgive yourself if you are faced with challenges and acknowledge where your body is at, not passing judgments on yourself.
  • Bring A Re-usable Bag. You'll need something  to throw your soggy clothes and towel in after class.
  • Bring dry clothes you can feel cozy in after class. Nothing is worse than trying to put on a pair of tight jeans after a Bikram class... save your jeans and not create  unwanted holes or rips by bringing some light flowing pants you can easily throw on after class. Also be prepared to keep sweating even after class if you pushed yourself that extra mile, so bring something that is breathable.  Check out our Long, stretchy,  After Yoga Pants above.
  • Face/Body Wipes. If the place you are practicing at does not have showers & you are headed to work or need to do errands after, make sure to bring a dry towel to wipe off and possibly some baby wipes or face wipes to freshen up in. Wipes that contain Teatree oil are a great choice because of their natural disinfectant capabilities.
  • Replenish After Class! Don't forget to re-hydrate and replace your electrolytes. This can usually be done by drinking water or coconut water & eating a balanced meal.

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