What COLORS would you like to see next???

We want to hear from you! What colors would you like to see we bring to MIKA??? Do you miss any old colors? Let us know your thoughts & the more specific you can be, the better! Describing colors can be tricky so if you are having a hard time coming up with words, think of flowers, fruit, nature or places to help. 

Inside Scoop

  • Here's the deal, we are looking into a pure, non- see though WHITE. Beyond excited about this!!!
  • A beautiful TEAL is in the making & coming very soon... it's richer than our Amazonite color, lighter than our Lagoon. Think of it as a mediterranean teal sea blue color.
  • I personally would love to bring in some cooler tones & leaning towards selecting the right hue of purple, rich green & or grey. What shade of purple, green or grey would you like to see most?

Other than that... we are open to hearing what you would like to see! Thanks in advance!


Laura & the Mika Team!