March MIKA Giveaway Results are IN!

LOOK at all of these BEAUTIFUL TREES!!!!

 We've got Dancing Trees,  Street Trees, Baby Trees, Sea Trees,  Family Trees, Jungle Trees, Pole Trees, Hanging Trees, Aerial Trees, Forest Trees, Friendship Trees,  Snow Trees, Monument Trees, House Trees, Tropical Trees, Canyon Trees and even a couple MAN Trees! There were SO many fun pictures to admire we had to showcase all of the TREE Pose submissions for everyone to enjoy here!

We appreciate the effort, thought & creativity that went into putting these together. We cannot tell you how much it meant to us to see all of these beautiful creative trees come through our inbox each day.  It sure made our job hard at selecting just 1! Thank you ALL for taking the time to submit these awesome shots. 

 So... wanna see who won the $250 Mika Shopping Spree???? Scroll to the end of the post to view the WINNING picture! 


And the WINNER is....

"Stay Rooted" by Keri

"Stay Rooted" by Keri

Congrats Keri! We fell in absolute love with this shot! Thank you for sharing this incredible image!

What do you  think about the entries??? Comment below & let us know what your favorites were! 

Also...any thoughts on what pose we should pick for the next giveaway? 

Thanks again for everyone that participated! We are excited to host another one soon!

xoxo, Team Mika