Meet Lesa G. Williams: Our newest inspiration & model!

We are excited to welcome Lesa to our Mika family! We recently had the chance to do an exciting photo shoot with her & were wowed by her amazing jumps! Lesa is a certified personal trainer, registered yoga instructor and proud owner/creator of MIX (her yoga, dance and fitness studio in the College area). She is also the artistic director/creator of MIX Dance Project, a dance company training program for aspiring dancers, dance teachers and choreographers.

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What to Bring to Bikram Yoga

So you are ready to try Bikram/Hot Yoga and not sure how to prepare? You are in for an experience you will never forget! I'm sure you know it's hot & but just so you know- you'll be sweating more than you'd ever think is possible. Here are few things to keep in mind so you can come as well prepared as possible.

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