How To: Bird of Paradise


Tips & Tricks

  • When bringing your leg up move super slow so you can be hyper aware of your balance.
  • Do what you can! If you can't straighten your leg right away, no worries. Start with getting your foot off the ground. If you still feel good, bring your knee up to the side of your body & straighten your spine. Once you feel stable, slowly extend your leg as much as you can & hold your balance.
  • Your shoulders & spine will want to round forward, so tap into your core strength to help straighten the spine. Focus on lifting your chest up to bring the shoulders up & back as well. (*I find it helps to take a nice big inhale while doing this)
  • Keeping the standing leg straight is difficult in the beginning so be patient with this! As you build the strength & flexibility to hold the pose you will eventually be able to keep your standing leg strong & stabilized.
  • If you smile, it makes the pose way easier.