My First Pole Competition

Earlier this year, I received an email from a friend asking if I'd like to perform in a pole dance competition. Having only been pole dancing for two years, inconsistently, and teaching for one of those years, I had every intention of politely replying: "are you nuts?". But on a second thought, what a great opportunity to meet others sharing the same passion for the sport! And how exciting to be able to dance on a professionally rigged stage in front of a large audience! Quickly, that second thought turned into delusion and, almost instantly, I signed up to perform not one, but two routines in two distinct divisions. ....

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Inspiration of the Month: AMBER RICHARD

Amber Richard  

After seeing Amber's performance last year at the annual USPDF West coast championship, we approached her after the show & handed her a pair of our white Lucia shorts (featured in this photo!). We then find out, not only is this girl talented but has a heart of gold! Her enthusiasm, kindness & positive role she has in the Dance & Pole Community made sponsoring her an easy choice. Over the past year she has competed and performed in numerous Pole Fitness events, earned the title ofΒ  being the West Coast USPDF 2009 Champion & has been traveling around the country leading workshops & sharing her enthusiasm for Dance & Pole to studios all around. Thank your Amber for sharing your gifts! You exemplify AMBITION, STRENGTH, GRACE & your KINDNESS, BEAUTY & GENEROSITY shine through you.

A little more about her: Amber Richard was born and raised in Paris, France before moving to California in 1998. She has been dancing since the age of 5 and has never stopped! Her first love is classical ballet in which she was trained following the Royal Academy of Dance method and competed throughout high school. She pursued her love of dance through college, graduating from the University of California at Irvine with a BA in Dance. She is currently fulfilling her intellectual curiosity at the University of Southern California to become a Doctor of Physical Therapy. After discovering pole dancing in 2008, Amber was immediately hooked! She loves teaching and enjoys the mix of artistic expression, confidence boost, and fitness workout that pole dancing provides. Amber entered her first pole dance competition in 2009, winning the West Coast Regional U.S. Pole Dance Federation Championship. She is currently touring the East coast and sharing her passion with as many dancers as possible! Amber is known for her elegant, balletic style which emphasizes extensions, grace, and fluidity.

What Amber says about Mika: β€œMika Yoga Wear is the only line of fitness wear I have found that is flattering, comfortable, and durable. I absolutely love all of their products and feel very confident recommending them to anyone. Their clothing style suits me perfectly: it is classy, confident, and quality. Thank you Mika Yoga Wear for making me look great!!!”

Check out a few videos of Amber & get inspired! Amber Richard on YouTube ( Wearing our Lucia shorts in Aqua)

Amber Richard Video (Wearing our Lucia shorts in Periwinkle & Ella top in Magenta)

More pics of Miss Amber