Sexy Beats + Sweets


It’s that time again: the pink, the red, the white… the scent of roses and chocolate fill the air in stores. You begin planning for that special night– undecided and a little bit stressed. After all, it’s one of those night where you're kind of expected to splurge: Dinner at home or a special place? A Movie? Should I get chocolates? Are they gluten free? Are they fat free? Do I have sexy lingerie?

Decisions, decisions. Yet one thing will always remain true: as love makes the world go ‘round, beats &  sweets make the heart (and the mood) abound. To make your date night a little easier (and a little sexier), we put together a "Sexy Time Playlist & Chocolate Covered Strawberry Recipe" for ya…Oooooh Yeaaaah. (note: that is absolutely required to be read in Barry White’s voice).

These aren't in any specific order, but since you can’t cook the meat without seasoning it first, you can change up the order to whatever rocks your boat (hey, that’s two puns right there).

If you have Spotify, these will be easy to find and create your own little playlist with.

1. Maxwell - “Everwanting: To Want You to Want” -*Sigh* Maxwell…you just can’t go wrong with him; he’s like our generation’s Barry White and Marvin Gaye rolled into one. Seriously, ANYTHING Maxwell will be good for sexy time…even his sadder songs. Warning, there will be more Maxwell on this list.

2. Maxwell- “Matrimony: Maybe You” -Told you there’s be more!

3. Maxwell- “Submerge Till We Become the Sun”

-The title says it all: perfect for truly intimate moments and some really sexy dancing ;)

4. Robin Thicke- “Teach U A Lesson” -If you’re a Fifty Shades fan, you’ll love this.

5. Robin Thicke- “Lost Without U”

6. Robin Thicke- “Loverman” -We just love bluseiness! The guitar, the lyrics, the rhythm… this song will surely make for a good night.

7. Robin Thicke- “Sex Therapy” -Need we say more? ;)

8. Erykah Badu ft. Stephen Marley- “In love With You”

9. Kelly Rowland- “Motivation” -A little more risqué for the couple wild at heart.

10. Justin Timberlake- “Cabaret” -Because it’s Justin Timberlake.

11. Usher- “Dot Com” -Get ready for this baby makin’ song! Talk about puns of all puns, and sexy of all sexies! Usher’s voice will usher you to a whole new level of cloud 9.

12. Beats Antique- “Beauty Beats” -For the whimsical gypsy goddess.

13. Janet Jackson- “That's the Way Love goes” -There’s no way we couldn't have put this song here…it’s a classic!

14. Janet Jackson- “Any time, Any place” -The beat, the pace, Ms. Jackson’s voice…perfection.

15. James Blake- “Retrograde” -Another hauntingly intimate beat that’ll make you close your eyes and sway to the nostalgic sounds of his voice, with climactic interludes in between.

16. James Blake- “Limit to your love” -There’s no limit for to our love for this song, or the sexiness that comes from it. We saw a beautiful and incredibly memorable pole performance by Brynn Route to this song, it moved us to goose bumps and inspiration.

17. Jamie Woon- “Night Air” -Share that night air with your lover.

18. Radiohead- “Give up the ghost” -We've seen some gorgeous pole dance routines to this song; it’s whimsically beautiful and haunting in an intimate way.

19. Black Keys- “When the lights go out” -Because the bluesy beats and the raspy voice sinks into your bones

20. Gare Du Nord ft. Robert Johnson- “Pablo’s Blues (feat. Robert Johnson)” -The pinnacle of sexy blues guitar. Robert Johnson was one of the best guitarists, this song doesn't disappoint.

21. Ali Farka Touré & Ry Cooder- “Ai Du” -This song sinks in your bones; it’ll make the inner animal emerge, and you won’t even know what to do with yourself. If you've seen the movie “Unfaithful”…you know what we’re talking about…

22. Ghostlight Orchestra- “Dead Man’s Party” -Believe it or not, this is actually a cover from Oingo Boingo’s song. Ghostlight makes this song ultra hauntingly sexy, a good end to the night as your playlist ends after a hot and sexy night.