Inspiration of the Month: Bikram's Yoga Teacher Trainees

Bikram Yoga's Teacher Training 08' in Acapulco

We would like to wish all of the upcoming trainees all the best this month as they will embark on Bikram's yoga vigorous  9-week, 500 hour teacher training. Intense. Life changing. Unforgettable. ENJOY each moment you go through & keep an open heart & mind throughout the whole process. You will never forget it! To show our support  we'll refund shipping costs to any orders addressed to the  Town & Country Resort plus throw in a special discount code for trainees to use between 9/19-11/20. A little excerpt from my 1st week of Teacher Training:

I feel I can relate more to 1st time students more than than I could have ever imagined.... Before training, I have had to sit down in class once, & here it is a whole different story. The 4th class of training was the most difficult class of my life. I could barely hold myself up & felt like the world was crashing down on me. Not enough nutrients in my body. What a feeling coming out of class though... We walk out of the yoga room and are accompanied by this cool ocean breeze. We lay ourselves on the lawn to take everything in. It feels like quite an accomplishment really! I have no doubt that I could run a marathon one of these days if I ever felt the need to. The strength we are receiving mentally & physically is truly amazing. We are getting trained like I would have never imagined & are being tested emotionally, physically & mentally with ourselves. I need to remember to always come back to my breath & mentally tell myself everything is going to be ok & that I am STRONG! It is great to have the support of everyone here & at home & I feel truly blessed to be able to experience all of the lessons & experiences training is bringing to me thus far....

"Never let anyone take away your peace." -Bikram

Bikram Yoga Teachers:

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