Inspirations of the Month:Hot Yoga Mamas!

Balancing Stick Pose

Since we have chosen 2 ladies as our newest inspirations  we decided to combine our November & December inspiration of the month! We are proud to show off these 2 hot mamas: Kila Wells & Melinda Kincaid. Both have maintained their yoga practice throughout their pregnancy and have been an inspiration to already so many fellow yoga students who have had the privilege of practicing with them!  We think you will find it inspiring too so set up a photo shoot to show you just how amazing these 2 strong & dedicated yoginis are. We also wanted to share with you a little Q & A interview & hope other mama's-to-be who are thinking of maintaining their yoga practice will find Kila & Melinda's  experiences & answers below to be helpful.

How much were you practicing during your pregnancy?Melinda:In my first trimester I was practicing, but had to stop due to morning sickness. I was pretty sick for 2months and then resumed practice after that. Since then I practice 3-4x/week.

Kila:3 Days a Week

How much did you practice before?

Awkward Pose
Awkward Pose

Melinda:Right before I had just finished the 30 challenge, so 30xs in 30 days. I actually practiced 32xs in 30 days, doing a couple doubles. Before the challenge, 3-5 days/week.

Kila:4-5 days a weeks

On top of keeping up your yoga practice, you both practice Bikram Yoga! I bet a lot of people wonder if practicing in the heat is safe. Can you share with us your thoughts on this? Melinda:People who  have never done it ask about safety. I talked with my doctor about it and she said that the temperature rise I experienced (3 degrees) was ok (I took my temp a few times to monitor the change). She said to be sure to be hydrated and listen to my body. That is exactly what I am doing and feel like it is fine for the baby. Bikram helps me mentally, physically and emotionally, which I figure is good for me and the baby. I feel the strength and determination needed for the practice, as well as the relaxation, focus and meditation, is good preparation for labor and delivery. Also, I have been practicing for over 3yrs. I would not attempt Bikram while pregnant without having conditioning my body beforehand.

Yoga Mamas
Yoga Mamas

Kila:It is important to know your body.  I had been practicing Bikram Yoga for three years prior to being pregnant, my body was accustomed to the heat and yoga practice. It is not recommended to start hot yoga during pregnancy if you have not been a regular practitioner prior to being pregnant.  It is all about being in tune with your body, listening to your body, feeling good and staying healthy.  I attribute a lot of my pregnancy success to a regular Bikram yoga practice!

What do you love most about practicing yoga?

Melinda:It feels good and I feel good about doing something healthy for my mind and body. Also the yoga community is a great support with wonderful people.

Kila:I love the way yoga makes me feel mentally and physically.  It helps keeps me healthy, happy and balanced!

How has your yoga practiced changed since being pregnant?Melinda:Oh, so many ways!!! Even though people give so much praise and complement, it is definitely different. It is much harder as I get bigger and gain weight. My energy and strength is compromised and diminished and certain positions are more difficult or impossible. However, it feels good that I can still do the practice and feel good afterward. It’s difficult to back off, but necessary for safety.

Kila:During pregnancy my yoga practice was changing constantly as my body changed.  Therefore modifying postures which was nice because it kept my practice challenging. Returning to yoga after pregnancy the biggest change and challenge was returning to the spine strengthening series after not being on my belly for months.

Half Moon Pose
Half Moon Pose

How has your yoga practiced helped you during your pregnancy?Melinda: It helps me stay strong and flexible and sane, all of which have helped me and will help with labor and delivery.

Kila:Yoga helped me stay fit, flexible, healthy and happy during my pregnancy!

Any encouragement out there for other mom's to be??Melinda:Try to maintain your practice if it feels good for you. But remember to take it easier, your baby is depending on you to regulate your body.

Kila: Stay in tune with your body during your pregnancy! Take care of yourself, exercise, eat healthy and enjoy being pregnant it’s a beautiful thing.

Camel Pose
Camel Pose

Lastly, you both look AMAZING & gorgeous in your Mika Wear! Did the clothes grow with you during your practice?Melinda: I normally wear small in Mika sizes. So now that I am not small, I have had to get large sizes, which fit great! I can still wear most of my Mika small bottoms, but my top took on a mind of its own and grew beyond fitting into a small or med. Large is necessary for that area for now!

Kila:Mika Wear is wonderful clothes to practice yoga in before, during and after pregnancy! They are extremely comfortable, breathable and stylish. I highly recommend them!!!!

UPDATE: Kila delivered a sweet & happy little boy: Gavin Kirk Wells 10/25/10. Congratulations Wells family!!!