Monday Mantra: A Beautiful something is on the Horizon...


      The future is a blank canvas, an unknown entity, in which we like to project our ideas about what is to come. Sometimes these projections take the form of hopes and dreams, while other times they can be tainted by fear or worry. The truth of the matter is, we never actually know what lies ahead. In fact, there is very little that we actually have control over. The good news is that our strength grows when we surrender to this truth; and when we choose to utilize the powerhouse that is our mind, right now. Using our thoughts to direct the flow of our energy gives us the power to do and be anything we so choose.

     So in the mystery of tomorrow, allow the instrument of your mind to trust that the future is bright. If your mind longs to wonder, allow it to travel to dreams. Project optimism into your future, but be aware that the blessings of the “future” can only be experienced right now. Allow your trust in tomorrow to give you peace today. There is only this moment, and a beautiful something on the horizon just ahead.