Monday Mantra: Getting through that Summertime Sadness

end of summer quote
end of summer quote

Oh, those end of summer blues. We all experience a tiny sense of summertime sadness as the end of the season arrives. Don't be so sad! So much to look forward to & hey, summer will be back again soon. GUARANTEED. Still, it's tough, I know... So here are 5 tips to help you transition from Summer to Fall: 1. Don't Look Back. Embrace what's unique about each season. Sure warm summer nights are coming to an end, but think about the gorgeous yellow leaves that are about to come & how many fall wardrobe possibilities you can get excited about!

2. Do some Major-De-cluttering. It's fall-cleaning time. Who says Spring is the only season for this? Clear space, clear head.

3. Start slowing down the same way nature does. When the days start getting shorter, go to bed earlier. Listen to your body & give it what it needs.

4. Enjoy the things you have put off for sometime. Summer goes by so fast & we all have things we probably didn't get to. Instead of being regretful, think about the things you actually did & see if you can fit any of those un-checked "Ta-dos" in this month. Start the season fresh & motivated: Set the time aside. Make it happen.

5. Get excited about learning something new. What do you want to learn this month? It could be working on a yoga pose, or actually doing one of those DIY projects you Pinned on Pinterest who knows how long ago.

The Past is behind, Learn from it. The Future is ahead, Prepare for it. The Present is Here. Live it.

-Thomas S. Monson