Monday Mantra: Mindfulness

     "Be present without judgment." These words have been my motivating mantra lately & will continue to be until I get out of my funk. I'm on the way up, I feel it, however after a solid month of having an inconsistent yoga practice, emotional, I haven't been the most positive woman I know I can be. You see, I am a pretty sensitively charged person & when my physical practice gets imbalanced, so does my internal monologue. Like I'm sure many women can be, I can be very critical of myself, especially when I face the mirror.

     I have gotten back into my good ole Bikram practice & for those of you who have done this style of yoga, you know that there isn't much escaping the reflection staring back at you. It's confrontational, it's real & it can be a raw insight into how you feel about yourself from the inside out. You can always count on this practice to bring you to the present moment & lately, I've had a range of emotions come up in class. Mentally, I feel weak for letting my thoughts go from positive, to negative simply by catching a glance in the mirror & not liking what I see. "Be present without judgment." That simple to believe right? The reality is, for many people, it isn't that simple at times. What I have also been reminding myself is that, no matter how I physically look, the more I take care of my body, the happier I will feel for doing just that & the more accepting I can be of myself. So for now, I'm going to keep showing up on my mat, doing the best I can with what I have & will have faith that the rest will follow. 

What do you practice to help self motivate? Comment below & share your insight! I'd love to hear from you!