Monday Mantra: Embrace the Light


Happy Monday Mantra!

Today, as you embark on a fresh adventure of life, remember that you have the power to shape the experience that you desire. Each and every moment gives you a decision to make: to focus on the positive, or to fall into fear. It all boils down to what you choose to direct your energy towards. Do you want to be happy? Would like to feel peace? You have the power to do so, right now. It’s not life’s events but rather our perspective that creates the stories that we live by. Choose to focus on the sunny side of life, and life will be just that: sunny and bright. What does the sunny side look like? It looks a lot like gratitude, contentment, trust, confidence, and happiness. Be silly, be you, and allow your inner light to cast a rainbow on any stormy situation. Don’t wait; start now! Have a sunshine kind of day!