Mikachica STYLE: Meet Sarah

Describe your favorite model sesh with us…

That would be the second to last shoot where your sweet, beautiful and memorizing niece joined us. She kept me from getting in my own head about my looks or whatever because every time I looked at her she had such awe in her eyes. I thought to myself show this little girl that women  have confidence and don't let their perceived imperfections become an issue. Also, it was really handy to have her help us get things ready and put things back, because somehow I am OCD at home but when modeling, I become....well I become a crazed, messy, fling things everywhere kind of person! 

Favorite part of Modeling…

Modeling has taught me to accept my body as is. I have always been pretty self conscious about my body but when I started modeling I realized it's just a photoshoot, these are just clothes and my body is my body. I am always overwhelmed by the sweet comments I receive. I end up like, really, you think my eyes are beautiful??? It's really uplifting, I feel so much more confident after. 

Your Go-To Style...

Well I have two main ones; 1.) Mom mode: leggings sports bra tee and cardigan or kimono, 2.) When I actually get dressed, boho style seems to be what works best with me. I like it comfortable yet cute and I am a total accessories addict. 

Favorite Mika Styles of the Moment...

Well, I literally dream about the kimonos. When I see them they make me smile, when I wear them I pet myself. When I see pictures of them I plot about what order I am going to buy them in....so I guess the kimonos? I do have to give a shout out to the unicorn print. Literally anything in that print I am going to buy. I mean can you just make it a wall paper so I can make it my whole house????? And those malas....ok ok enough for now as you can see picking my favorite mala is like picking my favorite child, I have a clear favorite but several others are super close behind. I joke, I joke. 

Favorite fashion or lifestyle instagram accounts?

@rocky_barnes, @caraloren (like so obsessed my husband actually gets jealous hahahah), I am literally in love with @victoriabeckham but I think it might be more her family life I am crushing on bc Lord knows I will never be that tiny, what can I say, I dig pizza. I really like @sincerelyjules, she is always just so cool and effortless yet absolutely stunning.  

Your best posing advice for someone wanting a killer shot for the gram…

Take MORE photos. Everyone always thinks all my pictures were just magical creations on the first shot. NOT. Are you kidding? It takes like one MILLION and then I like ten. It's really the law of numbers, take enough you are bound to like some of them. 

Leggings or Bells?

Bells, I am totally digging the boho look lately. Plus I was blessed with Italian thighs so bells help me look more balanced. And I mean then I get to throw peace signs around which I'm a fan of.

High waist or Classic fit?

I was SO against the high waist at first. Proclaiming how I would NEVER be a convert. Per usual when I open my big mouth, my foot lands directly in it. Now I am OBSESSED with high waisted, it's ALL I wear. Siggghh I guess you are always changing and learning about yourself.

One Piece, High Waist or classic Kini?

Yes. Hahaha I get bored easy and live in California so I like to switch it up. I wear bathing suits like 9 months of the year so.... 

Malas: Wrist or Necklace?

Neck. Mala's are one of the few necklaces that sit nicely on my ENORMOUS chest. Very few things lay properly to look cute but mala's, they get me.  

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