Mika Chica FEBRUARY Faves

Hey hey hey! Meet Shay, Dae & Laura! Since we live, breathe & believe in MIKA more than anyone, we thought it would be fun to share with you all our favorite styles each month. We are excited to share pictures of ourselves rocking Mika in our unique way. Hope you enjoy & get to know a little bit more about the spirit behind the scenes at Mika! 



Hi! I’m Laura! I am one of the founders of Mika- my other ½ is  not only my business partner but is also my best friend & husband. Since we don’t have men’s wear line (yet) we are keeping this a MikaChica thing. I feel beyond lucky that I get to work with an amazing team of people on bringing little Mika to life. Two of them are Shay & Dae! It’s no surprise that we all wear Mika everyday, but we do go through phases depending on the energy of the season. Also, I have a crazy obsession with alpacas.

Here are my top FEBRUARY Faves:

1.) High Waist Kaya Legging

Do I wear them to yoga? Yes. Do I wear  them more as regular pants? Yes. Do I wear them more than 3 times a week? Yes..errr...sometimes more… And this is why they are my first style to make the list.

2.) White on White

Because it’s the month of LOVE…. & white makes me feel pretty. Since I have somewhat bronzed colored skin, wearing white always makes me feel fresh & I’ll rock this color any chance I get, but especially when I want to feel extra lovely:)

3.) Windchime Crop

This print makes me embody a strong feminine energy so I’ll rock it any time I can! I love pairing it with our Windwrap Pant or some low waist bikini bottoms. The fringe is super fun too & when we snap pics in it, I always love seeing how the fringe looks between the light.

4.) Dream Catcher Dress

I feel like this dress makes me look way more together than I actually am. I wear this either a.) when I can’t decide on more than 1 article of clothing to wear & b.) to & from Bikram yoga class because who wants to try and put something other than a loose, light easy breezy article of clothing on when you are drenched in sweat?

Dae's Picks

Hey everyone! My name is Danae, I am a plant-based, animal loving Mika Chica. I am the person taking care of any of your orders,returns, and shipping needs. Mika is not only my job and wardrobe but my home away from home. The styles you will find me rockin’ the most are:

1.) Lucina Leggings!

I absolutely love how when I put these luscious leggings on I almost feel naked.  Not to mention how great and confident they allow you to feel.

2.) Lissa Top

This top is my next fav. Whether you are trying to spend a day on the beach swimming, or need a cute under top for a nice dinner --- this is your go to top. Anytime I put the Lissa on, I feel as if I am unstoppable and beautiful. (This top is especially good for pole shows)

3.) HighTide Bottoms

Since I live in Colorado it isn’t often I get to rock these bad boys! However, I can promise you that ANY TIME I am headed to a beach I pack a pair of the HighTide Bottoms. They truly flatter your booty more than any other high waisted bathing suit bottom I have ever seen.

4.) Kiera Sports Bra

This is probably our most “sporty” bra to date. Not only do I love yoga... I love to play soccer, go on runs, and play volleyball. Therefore, this sports bra is used more than any other bra I own. Plus, I think as ladies, it is hard to find a supportive sports bra that still makes you feel sporty and sexy- THAT is this bra! I absolutely love it!


Hi I’m Shannon! I am a nature & crystal loving yogini from COLORado. I am also one of the LUCKIEST chicas to be working for Mika.  I take care of customer services, copywriting, blogging, writing, some social media, and repping Mika:)   I am avid Mika LOVER as many of you are and I wanted to share MY February picks!

Leggings are my life and I must say Mika has the best of the best.  

1.) Lucina Legging

 The colors, fabric and design are perfect - they’re bright beautiful and oh so comfy which is my number one criteria when searching for leggings. To be honest I wear them for everything.  Also pictured is one of the new Mika Mats that I am head over heels obsessed with already.  My good fairy friend, Hailey, created the artwork.  The colors and intricacies are out of this world. To say I am overly excited about them is an understatement. Not to mention, I love cutie Ganesha.

2.) Flower Power Gaby

 I am always a fan of Gabys and the Flower Power print is helping kick the winter blues!  The Flower Power brings out my inner hippy and matches with all of the fringe I have in my life.

3.) Kaya Scrunch

 Kayas are always my go-to and the scrunch is so cute!  It is the perfect, dainty detail that accents the booty. Absolutely worth adding to you Kaya Kollection.

Swim pick of the month:

4.) Bermuda Top

 It wasn’t until Louda convinced me to put it on that I even tried it.  I always shied away from it because I did not think I could pull it off with a small chest.  It turns out, the itty bitty titty committee can rock this baby too!!  I love it - We paired it with a skirt and I fell in love. Has me feelin like a goddess.  Plus, Mika Swim has it in a ton of gorgeous prints and colors to match everything you could imagine :)  


Laura, Dae & Shay