What's in a Mat?

What's in a Mat?

That's what we asked ourselves when we took on this project! What would make a mat unique enough to offer to the yoga community? We narrowed it down to 3 vital components the mat needed to have.

1.) Must be eco-friendly & made from a factory that practices high ethical work standards       

After a long (but very much needed) search, we found a mat that is made from recycled tree rubber, uses water based inks & is 100% biodegradable. How did we make sure the mats were being produced ethically? We went to the factory! As some of you may be aware, my husband & I created Mika together & have a special love for traveling. This last spring we decided to revisit the spot we got married at in Bali. One, to reconnect on our anniversary & two, my man is a surfer- nuff said right? So, what started as a surf/anniversary trip to Bali ended up in us extending our trip to further travel around Asia to research where we could create a mat with all these components. 

2.) Be of very high quality & feel unique                                                                                          

After seeing the mat at the factory & before even really feeling it, I laid it on the ground and went through a sun salutation. How else would I really know if it did the trick right? Off the bat, what I loved most was the look & touch of the luxurious suede- feeling top. When I flipped my toes over in a chaturanga, the tops of me feet slid so smoothly- like nothing I've ever experienced in a chaturanga. Actually, ashtangi Daylene Christensen popped in my mind. Have you seen this woman float? Unreal. Ok, she's in the AIR when she glides & it comes from PURE strength. Still... the smooth transition I experienced made me feel for a moment that I was gliding & knew then that this was a badass mat.

3.) Have the ability to place original artwork on it                                                                           

We thought, if we are going to do something that so many other companies offer, we HAVE to stand out in our own way & create original artwork to place on the mats. Our first design is inspired by our love for mandalas & whimsical dreamcatchers. I wanted it to have a water color feel & be totally light, bright & make you feel happy when you stare down at it. Now, I know there are many of you who may think this is ultra-feminine (yes, it is:)  So, we are working on an another AMAZING & more masculine design to balance this out! This design is being created by a local artist in Denver & we cannot wait to reveal what it is to you! We can let you know that it will be - t r i p p y - & expected to launch early 2016.  

Are you an artist with a passion to create something totally unique & beautiful on a Mika Mat? Email us at contact@mikayogawear.com if you would be interested in collaborating! We'd love to hear from you & work with artists from around the world on this awesome project!

We hope you love our Eco-loving lux mats as much as we do! 

Mika Mat