Meet Our newest inspiration:Danielle Vardakas Duszko

How did you get into yoga? I began practicing at 14 with a junior ballet company in Philadelphia. The Ballet Company mistress wanted us to combine breath & movement while on the stage. I really loved it & began to research the practices on my own in books and VHS tapes!

What does yoga mean to you? Experiencing the world fully. Feeling radiantly alive.

I understand you teach, what kind of yoga do you teach & what is the feel of your classes? Honest Yoga-www.honestyogacenter.comFlow Asana (posture) practice linking movement to breath and linking postures with a flowing sequence and sun salutations. Each class is an unique combination of poses and themes. The postures stretch and strengthen your body. The themes open your mind and heart. We teach off the mat using verbal cues and hands on assists. This style of teaching helps you move towards perfected alignment and deeper postures.

Core Flow An Honest signature flow spiced up with intense core asana. All around great practice for your mind & body that will igniting your center from the big toes up! This practice will enhance your regular yoga routine by strengthening and toning your entire torso allowing your practice to advance to more challenging asana and awareness.  You will work your rectus abdominis (the six-pack) and transversus abdominis (the girdle that wraps from sides to front of the torso).

Danielle at wanderlust vermont!
Danielle at wanderlust vermont!

Yoga Essentials Mindful movements that promote healing. Open to all levels and focused on therapeutic movement principles that will help identify imbalances while strengthening the mind and body. A full body sequence of postures for beginners to advanced practitioners. Postures promote strength and flexibility while fostering deeper levels of concentration. Recommended for students who want to strengthen and balance their mind and body while developing a strong foundation in alignment principles. All Honest Yoga practices are heated to 90 degrees. I feel I teach a driving practice that hits you in the heart as well as the asana ;)

I also teach 3 types of YTT (200 or 500 hour trainings, so feel free to contact me if interested!

200 hour "Find Your Voice" YTT 500 Hour "Live Your Truth" YTT 200 Hour "Hip Hop Yoga Dance" YTT

What do you love best about teaching? Seeing the transformation of my students from beginners to 200 & 500 hour teacher trainees.

What is the most important thing you encourage your students to learn? I want them to learn to feel good in their own skin. To feel physical freedom in their practice but also freedom in their lives.

What are your favorite words of encouragement?Feel the divinity that lives in you! Inhale through every cell into your heart , exhale back out through each pore of your skin. Live your Honest Truth.

Do you have any special recipes you'd like to share? My daily breakfast:

Sun Salute Blend Smoothie

Handful of sprouted almonds ( soaked 8 hours, change water several times, peal before blending)

2 cups rice milk or carrot juice

2 frozen bananas

Vegan Candy: Dates pitted & filled with nut butter

Just Dance.
Just Dance.

If you listen to music when you teach or practice, what are some artists you enjoy listening to?MC Yogi Kate Bush Drala Curtis Mayfield Sticman-yoga mat Garth Stevenson Todd Boston Duke 007 Beats

Anything else?? I also teach Hip Hop- breakin, popping, locking, social hip hop , funk, waaking/vogue. I love the intensity of Tru School Hip Hop.

Oh, 1 last thing!- what are your favorite Mika pieces to wear?? Love Love Love Lynn top! Adjustable support is great for dance & yoga! Daisey shorts are ridiculously comfortable. I love the roll over waist! Nala Hoodie is a favorite for teaching hip hop as well as just wearing around town. It has such style! I want more colors!