Meet Jen West: Inpirational Teacher & Winner of our 1st Photo Contest!

Jen West: Photo Contest Winner!
Jen West: Photo Contest Winner!

A little bit about the photograph:Photo taken by: Jathan Campbell Photography (he is amazing)

Wearing: Kila Sparkle top & Betty Shorts

Move name: I learned it as “the frog” but I am sure there is another prettier name for it!

A little bit about Jen!

Jen is a Pole Fitness Instructor & Owner of Studio 3sixT which is located in Denver, CO.

What do you love best about teaching? I know what it feels like to learn a new trick and the inspiration it brings. I LOVE seeing a student learn something and see in their face that rush you get.

What is the first thing you teach students that are just starting to take class from you? I want them to feel the trick rather than worry about it being pretty at first, so they know where their body needs to be.

What are your favorite words of encouragement? I always try to give tips on how to work a trick. I was starting where they are a few years ago and I remind them they have to start somewhere and not get frustrated.

How has being a teacher or a studio owner affected your own dance practice? Teaching challenges me to be better so I can keep the students challenged as well. Sometimes I use them as my guinea pigs for tricks:) I try to learn from my students as well as teach them.

What made you want to open your own studio? My two partners and I had a lot of great ideas for a studio and figured we should go for it. We strive to make Studio 3sixT a place that is comfortable and positive for everyone and we are very excited about the response we have gotten thus far.

What is the feel of Studio3sixT ? I will tell you that students say they feel “safe”, “comfy”, “cozy”, “good energy” which we love hearing. We wanted a space that had clean lines/décor with hints of funky (our art and reception area floor are really cool).

What is your vision for the future of Studio3sixT? We would like to have more than one location one day. We want to help bring pole to a new level which it is getting to be;  pole is now in advertisements, competitions are getting more well known, etc. We will continue to strive to make our studio a great learning place where everyone is supported.

Anything else?? I LOVE MIKA! XOXOXO

Thank you Jen for sharing this gorgeous picture! We LOVE it & are happy to share this photograph. <3