Let the Good Times Roll..

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Happy Mardi Gras 2014 Mika Readers!

Have you taken the opportunity to dress up, masquerade, and samba until your feet bleed? If you have not, do not worry, it’s not too late to throw something together.

You will need a mask, feathers, beads, and when in doubt, stick with the colors purple, gold, and green.

I was busy sewing, and burning my skin with the hot glue gun this weekend while preparing my costume for a secret Mardi Gras bike parade. My group’s theme this year is “Lady Birds.” A group of masked and winged women will be pedaling through town with other themed groups while making bird calls and evoking the spirit of the celebration.

Just remember, you can never have too much glitter, jewels, and feathers on a Mardi Gras outfit. Just check out photos of this year’s Carnaval in Brazil.

If you will be crafting your costume, I recommend listening to some samba music to keep you going. Some of my favorites include: Sergio Mendes “Magalenha” Brazillian Beats Brooklyn and SambaDá “Manha”

Ka Kaaaa! Brita Connelly