Inspiration of the Month: ZORAYA JUDD

Zoraya Judd

UPDATE! Huge congratulations to Zoraya for becoming thePole Athlete of the Year™ and for becoming the 2nd place Champion in the American Pole Fitness Championships™Your passion & drive continues to inspire... keep up the awesome work!

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Yes this picture is REAL!  Amazing right?? Talk about INSPIRATIONAL. We are thrilled to have our July Inspiration of the Month be the lovely and talented Zoraya Judd. If you haven't heard of her yet, you are in for a treat. She is mesmerizing to watch, mastering the  balance of strength and flexibility in every move she makes.  The amount of control she has with her body and the gracefulness she puts into each performance makes everything look like a breeze. Make sure to check out her performances on the links below. A doll to watch and an absolute inspiration to us and countless others out there.Thank you Zoraya for inspiring such strength, ambition & fluidity... you are one amazingly authentic woman.

What Zoraya says about Mika Yoga Wear:

" I received my first pair of Mika Yoga Wear shorts in my USPDF Nationals gift bag. They were SO perfect for pole. I taught most of my So Cal workshop tour in them. They move with your body without exposing any unnecessary angles to the spectators. Thank you Mika Yoga Wear! Xoxox"

Learn more about her:

Zoraya Juddis a 1/2 Argentine, 1/2 Swedish mother of 2. At age 15 she got into fitness and has been a consistent gym goer ever since.  She loves all types of fitness and enjoys to workout and push her body to new heights.  Zoraya loves a challenge and pushes herself to accomplish them until she conquers her goal.  She got into pole shortly after the birth of her second son. She attended core pole classes once a week for the first 4 months, then twice a week. At 6 months She began teaching and immediately jumped into competing.  Her studio owner entered her into the competition and notified her two weeks prior to the competition.  This was the first time that Zoraya started training on an everyday basis.  Up to this point it was only two times per week as the advanced instructor and just for fun.  Her husband reached out to the biggest names in pole and was able to establish a relationship with them insomuch as Zoraya was able to again receive instruction and the challenge she needed to push herself.

Z says, "My first competition was "Miss Pole Fetish Utah 2009." I placed 1st in the advanced division. Shortly after, I was one of the 12 girls chosen to compete in USPDF West Coast Regional 2009 Competition, where I received my "Pro Status."  Competing became addicting and nerve racking at the same time. Other competitions I have done are Vertical Pole Challenge, where I secured myself a spot in the Finale, and USPDF National Championship 2010 in the Pro Division.  I have performed with Jenyne Butterfly, who has been a big inspiration and coach to me as has Felix Cane who I have also performed.  Felix Cane and I just recently got done teaching duo workshops and privates in Southern California."

Zoraya's goal is to continue to show people the fitness side of pole.  She absolutely loves everything that has to do with pole, But for her it is the strength, control and flexibility that she finds so beautiful and intriguing.

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Huge Congratualtions to Zoraya for becoming Pole Athlete of the Year™, Zoraya Judd