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Celebrating her business's 5 year anniversary this month we'd like to honor Lisa Peklo! We have had the pleasure of working with Lisa and sending her lots of our hot apparel since the beginning of our line. We'd like to thank her for choosing to carry Mika at her studios & congratulate her on the success of her business!

Divafit Studio Profile:

divafit staff
divafit staff

Business: DivaFit Years in business: 5 Founder: Myself Website: Locations: Ashburn, Herndon, Chantilly and Falls Church (all Northern Virginia) Types of classes offered: Pole fitness, exotics, Silks aerial arts How many teachers? 34

How did you get into pole dancing? A friend and I took a road trip to try a class on a lark and I fell in love with it! I started training myself and looking for as much education on it that I could. What made you want to open a Pole Studio? After a career working in traditional gyms, I was ready to do something on my own. There was not a single pole studio in the area and I wanted to share my growing love for pole fitness. We hear it's Divafit's 5 year anniversary this month! Congratulations! What are your plans for celebrating? We rented a local theater and are putting on an instructor show. It’s going to be amazing! And then of course a big cake and a party afterwards.

What is the feel of your Studios?I have heard our clients call it their happy place. When I walk in during prime time I can’t help but smile at all the ladies either working out with the music loud and the lights low, or sitting and chatting after class. What do you love best about teaching pole? I can’t list one thing! The smiles when ladies get a new spin or trick, the energy in class, the music and movement, the sweaty look of satisfaction on clients faces at the end. What is the first thing you teach students that are just starting to take pole dancing classes? Physically we teach them the fireman spin. Mentally we teach them that no one is watching, and everyone is sexy, so don’t self judge – just dance! What are your favorite words of encouragement? Weirdest place you’ve ever poled? The trolly at the beach.

How has being a teacher or a studio owner affected your own dance practice? I have a better balance now. Some ladies motivate me to try new tricks, and some ladies remind me that it’s ok to take your time and work within your limitations.

What is your vision for the future of Divafit? I have thought about franchising, but after opening 4 studios in 4 years, I just want to work within what we have right now for a little while! I want us to be involved in the greater pole community, while still being the best we can be for our own clients.

What is your vision for the future of community pole studios in general? I worked in the fitness industry for 20 years and it took a while for the fitness community to create standard practices. The pole community is still relatively new and I look forward to it becoming more organized and creating standards.

Oh, 1 last thing!- what are the ladies at Diva fit saying about Mika?? “Can you order more . . . “ is what I hear the most! We went through about 3 years of trying multiple shorts for poling and when we found Mika shorts we fell in love! The clients love that they fit, are pole functional, look sexy and come in so many different colors and styles. My instructors have gotten quite good at fitting each clients body type to the right style Mika short.

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staff group
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