How To Dress Up Your Leggings + GIVEAWAY!

Leggings! We all have them, we all love them, but do we all know how to wear them for everyday tasks? Fall is among us, it is time we get this sorted out. 

"How to wear leggings" has been one of the top fashion searches on Google since 2014! Fear not, I am here to help! 

We all love our Mika Leggings for yoga, dance, or any kind of workout. But, how many of us are getting FULL usage out of our amazing, comfortable, and adorable pants? I am going to show you 10 ways to dress up your leggings.

We want to hear how you wear your Mika leggings! GIVEAWAY RULES at the end of this post! 

1. Keep it casual and sporty: Rock your team jersey, some vans, tennis shoes, flip flops (if it's warm) and of course your Celeste Leggings

2. Heading to a party: Try wearing a long, dressy, top with some sparkly heels and our FAVORITE Sheen Leggings.

3. Cozy Fall day: If you are anything like me, Summer is your season. It is so hard to get out of bed when it is cold beyond your sheets, let-a-lone get ready for the day and look cute. This outfit solves all of these problems. Wear a pair of your favorite fall colored leggings, some cute booties, and a poncho or sweater.

4. Heading to class: Ever heard the saying "Dress better, test better" we are strong believers of this. Simply put on your favorite t-shirt and pair with our ADORABLE Mesh leggings. Throw on some fringe boots and a flannel and you'll probably ace your test! 

5. Friday night, date night: Whether it is date number 1, 2, or 100 you want to leave him speechless. Wear a flirty, fun, long top with some heels, and our Black Lucina Leggings.

6. Long Sweater, covers the booty: This style is for those of you who aren't quite comfortable showing that much booty in your leggings. Some girls like short shirts with their leggings to show off the glutes, some prefer long. Match a long sweater with our Sheen Leggings, and some booties. If you're feeling super daring throw on a long necklace or scarf! 

7. Errands to run, things to do, people to see: We know what it is like to have errands that tend to consume you. Might as well look cute while doing these dreadful tasks. Throw on an over-sized tee-shirt, a scarf, some printed leggings, and boots; get those errands done and call it a day! 

8. Denim and Layer Love: Denim. Layers. What more could a girl need? This is the perfect outfit to wear on your casual Saturday. Match a long sleeve shirt with a denim jacket, a scarf, Celeste Leggings, and boots! 

9. Movie night: This is the type of outfit that looks KILLER no matter where you go. But, our favorite places to rock our Freya Flow's and printed leggings is the movies! Add a pair of bootie heels and silence your cell phone... it's movie night! 

10. Last but not least: As Rhianna would say; work, work, work, work, work. Not everyone is allowed to dress in AWESOME yoga clothes at work. OR can you? If you put on some Lucina Sheen Leggings , a (work-appropriate) long shirt and some heels, your boss will never even notice you are in yoga leggings.



Thank you to everyone for entering - we love all of your ways to rock Mika leggings!