Health and Stress: How to stay calm amidst the madness

Stress can be overwhelming and seemingly endless. Its effects can be detrimental to our overall mental and physical health. Here are a couple stress-management tips to help you stay calm amongst the madness of school, work and life:

1. Sleep: Sleep is one of the most important ways to help minimize stress this time of year. Don’t feel guilty about a good night’s rest that lasts longer than 6 hours.

2. Exercise: Exercise greatly reduces stress and keeps the calories and weight off. If the cold weather is keeping you from your regular routine, try a modified winter practice with indoor exercises such as yoga and tai chi.

3. Eating Healthy: Eating healthy foods help ease stress, anxiety and depression by fueling the body with critical nutrients that nourish and calm the nervous system. It also promote better immune function and support numerous other areas of health in the process.

  • Emphasize brightly colored fruits and vegetables because these have high concentrations of important micronutrients and antioxidants. Eating fruits and vegetables every day has been shown to significantly improve mood.
  • Vitamin C is another important stress buster that plays numerous critical roles in health.

*Mika note: After a good workout, make sure you replenish your body with the healthful nutrients that are depleted during your workout. Consuming protein helps repair muscle tissues and glycogen stores that were used during a strenuous workout. Your workouts will be much more effective if you feed your body right! After a nice and sweaty Bikram Class, replenishing your body with something healthful is refreshing to your mind and body, try this delicious after-Bikram green smoothies!

4. Meditation: Regular meditation is a very effective method proven to reduce stress, anxiety and depression. This ancient practice allows the brain and body to relax and recharge from the effects of frayed nerves. Find a special spot, close your eyes and take some deep breaths. Focus on breathing and calming the mind. In the case of chronic stress, meditation provides the extra emotional stamina and inner calm needed to get through the craze and stress of life.

By Jacqueline Valdez–Florida’s celebrity dancer, author, model & fitness guru. Studio Owner of “Elegant Body Pilates”, Co- Creator of “Infusion Remax” and creator of fitness workout “Vertical Arabesque. 

Photography byG Wynns