Have a Stress-Free Holiday

holiday poses

The holidays are such a wonderful time for snuggling, sharing love, and sipping tea! However, with the holiday season comes a great deal of excess energy and stress. All of the planning, shopping and holiday festivities make the days fly by and the world spin fast. This can cause a feeling of being ungrounded, which can lead to an imbalance.

Yoga is a great way to harness this extra energy and get grounded!


Gift yourself 10 minutes with these 5 poses to root down and recharge!

#1 Lotus - as you inhale feel length through the spine. as you exhale root the sits bones into the earth.

#2 Easy sitting twist - Inhale length through the crown of the head. As you exhale gently ease deeper into the twist.

#3 Tree - Find some balance and stability as you feel the breeze in the leaves of your tree.


#4 Cow Face Pose - Breathe into the sensation in the hip joints, exhale root down into the sits bones


#5 Wheel - Get an extra burst of energy after doing a wheel pose! Press the heart to the sky and take a few lion's breaths to release any unnecessary holiday stress! (hmmm stress may be to aggressive).

Be sure to take time for yourself this holiday season and to live in the present moment. Breathe and enjoy the beauty of the holidays. Spend time with friends and family and make it a holiday season to remember.