How To: Bakasana


Step by Step.

1. Place palms flat on the  floor, parallel to each other.

2. Lift heels up, balancing on toes & bring your knees as close as you can to your armpits.

3. Look 1-2 feet ahead & roll your weight forward, pressing your knees into your armpits.

4. Pull your stomach in & slowly bring your feet up towards your bum. If you are just trying this, you can keep your elbows bent & can try lifting one foot at a time until you get a sense of balance. Most everyone falls when first attempting this so don't worry if you do! For more advanced, concentrate on keeping your elbows straight.

5. Bring big toes together to touch, keeping your weight forward.

6. Straighten elbows as much as possible & shift  gaze even more ahead.

7. Stay in the pose anywhere from 20 seconds to a minute.

8. To release, you can either slowly lower your feet to the floor or, for more advance, shoot back & Chaturanga! Keep your weight forward & with bent elbows, shoot your legs back & transition into upward dog, pulling your heart through. Ahhhh.. now doesn't that feel nice? Finish in down dog, BREATHE, jump into Tadasana & repeat if you'd like!


  • Strengthens the arms, wrists & abdominal muscles
  • Stretches the upper back
  • Improves Balance & Concentration