Frequently asked Sizing Questions

Q. The shorts are listed S/M 4-6.  However, I am very small and wear shorts/pants in 0-2.What shorts do you think would be the best fit for me?

A. I would recommend for you to try the mikaela shorts- they are shortest  of the shorts. I have a good feeling they will fit, they are small, but have the ability to stretch if needed and can be shortened with the side strings.

Q. If I order a pair, the only way to know how if it will fit me is to try it on.  If not, can I return for refund or is it considered worn?

A. If they by chance do not fit, you can returned and you will be refunded as long as they are returned in good un-worn condition.

Q. I am interested in the Daisy shorts, I usually wear between a 6-8 so I am not sure which size would work best  - I had some other shorts that I wear to Bikram yoga shorts that tie at the sides, similar to Mikaela but they were a bit baggy for a medium… do you have any suggestions?

A. I would recommend for you to get the s/m in the daisy shorts- they stretch well and it sounds like they would be a better fit judging on your size and how the medium side string shorts fit you. If they don't fit- we will send you another pair without shipping charges

Q. Are all the shorts the same length or is one a longer inseam than the others?

A. No, here is the breakdown from shortest to longest: