Fitness fashion help for YOUR style

Everyone needs a hand sometimes!

Not sure what to get? Let our stylists do the work- besides, we love doing this kind of stuff;)  All you have to do is answer our 6 fitness style quiz questions! We'll tailor up a personalized shopping list & will suggest the looks we think you'll love.

You can Email your answers to:,  respond in the comments section below, or give us a call at: 888.664.8790 & one of our stylistas will be happy to get in touch with you within 48 hours! *Excluding weekends

1.    What Activity will you be shopping for?

2.  What's your Personal Style?

*Mix & Match if you don't identify with just one


3.    What's your Comfort level?

4.  What's your  Body Type?

*Ladies, let's get REAL, most of us aren't just 1 of these types. If you are a combo, please let us know which ones you are so we can TOTALLY personalize our picks for ya;)


5.    What Color palettes are you drawn to?

6. What's your Chest size?