Dream a little dream...

What aerial hoop dreams are made of....

We sat down with  Brittany Wilcox (@gfreeyogi) & got her take on what it's like to create a aerial hoop photoshoot! Check out her advice on how to prepare for an aerial shoot as a model & photographer. 

What do you enjoy most about being behind the lens?

My favorite part about being behind the camera is getting the chance to show someone else how beautiful they are. We spend a lot of time and money on making ourselves look and feel beautiful, sometimes the most rewarding thing is to give that to someone else. Photography is  the most genuine way I know how to do that.

How was this shoot unique to other ones you have done in the past?

The most unique thing about this shoot is that it was over water! Getting to the hoop was a bit of a challenge but every single one of our models had a great attitude and no one fell in!!

Favorite moment at the photoshoot?

There were a lot of great moments at the shoot. We were even lucky enough to spot a baby bob cat as we were wrapping up! But my favorite part was seeing each girl transform with each outfit. I could tell that every girl felt like a true goddess that day.

Any advice for models on how to prepare for an aerial photoshoot?

My best advice on how to prepare for an aerial photoshoot is to take a class or two with me before hand. I am an aerial instructor in Sarasota, FL and often times give a free lesson to those who sign  up for photoshoots. It's important for the photos as well as your personal safety.

Any advice for photographers wanting to take on an outdoor aerial shoot?

My best advice for someone doing an aerial shoot is always be prepared. I am a huge believer in Murphy's Law, what can go wrong will go wrong. I carry around rope, duct tape, pliers and other random things because you just never know. Oh and be prepared to run... a lot. You'll find that your model is almost never facing you...thanks momentum!

Model: @emmie_b_

Model: @kalenemorga

Model: @lindsay269

Model: Lorena Marquez

Model: @tracywilsonart

Model: Rita Kunz

Model @nessthepanda

Last but not least... the women behind the lens:

Model: @gfreeyogi // Photography by: @slindsayphotos

Photography by: @gfreeyogi / @gfreephotography Brittany Wilcox

Assistent Photographer: @slindsayphotos Sara Marie Lindsay.

Models: Emmie Barcomb , Tracy Wilson, Lindsay Anne, Rita Kunz, Vanessa Carol , Lorena Marquez, Kalene Reilmann 

Location: Oscar Scherer State Park in Nokomis, FL.