DIY: Natural Yoga Mat Cleaner

Every yogi knows how daunting our yoga mats can become at times.  We sweat on them, pour energy into them, toss them in the car, step on them - I have even used mine to shovel snow off my car. It is no secret they need extra love! 

We present you with a super easy DIY solution you can make & spray on your mat before or after practice to cleanse and refresh. The DIY concoction is all natural, with zero chemical and smells amazing.  It perfectly compliments the new Mika Eco-Lux Mat which is also chemical free & biodegradable.  (For more information about the Eco-Lux Mika Mats, click here). Check out how simple and easy it is to make - shake, spray, rub, get back on your mat & b.r.e.a.t.h.e.

What you will need...

Gather Supplies

1) Spray bottle 

2) Essential oils  - it is important to include an oil that has anti-bacterial properties such as Tea tree, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Geranium, or Lemongrass.  We used Eucalyptus & Tea Tree oil. It is also an option to use Witch Hazel if you want to up the ante on the cleaning power! 

3) Water 

Combine Essential oils & water. This is the fun part!  Start experimenting with the oils - see which ones you like together and in what combinations.   Keep in mind a few drops goes a long way! 

Our Recipe:

- fill 2 oz bottle 3/4 of the way with water

- 18 drops of lavender

- 13 drops of eucalyptus

- 8 drops tea tree

Shake and Spray

Use your spray as a quick refreshing mat mist or spray and wipe down with a towel or cloth.  The Mika Mats are incredibly easy to clean - dirt and grime are easily wiped away from the suede top!  

We would love to hear from YOU!  What combination of essential oils do you use to clean your mat?  

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