DIY Fortune Teller Costume

Get a little Magical this Halloween...



Need a last minute, original creative Halloween costume to pull together? If you have a gypsy soul, chances are you will be able to pull this off with items in your own closet. Michael's is your next best friend. Here's what you need to pull off a badass magical Fortune Teller Look together.


  • Black Dress (we used our Etheral Dress)
  • Princess Crown (you will be de-constructing this)
  • Crystals & Chains (try Michael's Bead section & make sure to get a coupon online!)
  • Glue Gun
  • FlashTatts
  • Stacks of rings
  • Statement necklace (we got our's from Free People)
  • Balloon or Round Shape Object
  • AB plastic gift wrap

Alright now check out how it all pulls together...