DIY Bleach Pen Drawing


It's pretty obvious that the Mika team loves crafts! Here's a simple DIY that's great if you want to add a little pizzaz to your wardrobe or for special events. 


Step 1: Put the canvas in the shirt (You don't want the front and the back of the top to touch). We used Mika Yoga Wear's Chloe Crop (Rainforest). – All of Mika's Cotton Collection will work for this project.


Step 2: Begin to draw with the Bleach Pen directly on your shirt.

BleachPenstep 2
bleachpen diy

Step 3. Let your design sit for 10-15 min or until you see the Bleach soaking into the fabric. 


Step 4: Wash the Bleach off with water under a hose or in you sink.


Step 5: Put item directly into the washing machine and wash as you normally would.